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On-the-Go Road Trip Activity Pack| Road Trip Games for Kids

Are you ready for a road trip that the kids will enjoy and you can relax during?
Do you hate hearing “Are We There Yet?” a million times?
Would you love to be able to make your trip feel shorter?

Cure the boredom on a long road trip or long afternoon, and keep the kids entertained with On the Go Road Trip Activity Pack, an exciting collection of brain games, coloring sheets, and fun activities to keep kids busy on the road.

What’s included:

  1. Would You Rather
  2. Coloring Pages
  3. Road Inspired Word Searches
  4. Road Inspired Word scrambles
  5. I Spy Colored Cars
  6. Road Crosswords
  7. Draw the Truck
  8. Trip Word Scrambles
  9. ABC Highway
  10. What did you Bring?
  11. Road MAD Libs
  12. Addition Math Box
  13. Draw the Faces
  14. Road Trip Price is Right
  15. Create a Paragraph
  16. Travel Inspired Mazes
  17. And an Answer Key

Click the link and get your copy now.

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40 Number Search Puzzles Plus 16 Mazes

Do you enjoy  number searches and mazes, or are you interested in creating your own activity book. Then 40 Number Search Puzzles Plus 16 Mazes is for you. With

  • 40 Number search puzzles with solution pages
  • 16 mazes and solutions
  • Bonus 1 premade book (PDF). All you have to do is add your title and a few personal touches to make this book unique. 
  • Maze files are PNG allowing them to be added to other files.
  • Number search puzzle and book file are PDF files.
  • And best of all there is no wait. Just purchase, download, and enjoy.

So get it now start creating your book today.

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60 Fun Number Searches with Answers

Do you love number searches? Have you ever considered making a book to sell on ETSY or Amazon? Then 60 Fun Number Searches with Answers is for you.

 You will get 60 number searches and answers with PLR Rights which will allow you to:

  • Make as many copies as you would like for your personal use
  • Use to make activity sheets to use in the classroom or a nursing home
  • create an end product such as books, calendars, or journals to sell on places like ETSY and Amazon
  • Combine with other products such as coloring or Sudoku puzzles to create an activity book
  • Edit and create a new product to sell on your website

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60 Easy Sudoku Puzzles with Answers

Do you enjoy Sudoku, but are tired of waiting for a new book to arrive? Would you like to be able to have the ability to print out a puzzle for you and a group of friends to work on together or share with a class a small gathering? Have you thought about creating your own puzzle book to sell, but do not know where to begin or have the means to purchase puzzle making software?

Then this set of 60 Easy Sudoku Puzzles with Answers is perfect for you.

Enjoy 60 Easy Sudoku Puzzles with PLR rights which means that you are

Free to download and make as many copies as you want for

  • personal use
  • educational use
  • or to use play at a party or other social gathering.

To create new products such as

  • a sudoku or activity book to sell on KDP, Lulu, or ETSY
  • a calendar
  • a journal
  • a mug
  • and more!

 All for the low price of $2. 

As a special thank you bonus for visiting this site, enter the code  wordpress and get 50% off.