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I Love You Almost As Much Journal

Are you looking for a way to say I love you with a humorous twist? How about this Happy pup inspired I Love You Almost as Much as Love Cake journal, notebook, or diary. It is a great way to put a smile on someone’s face while letting them know that you care.

Check it out now on Amazon. This notebook is available in paperback and hardcover.

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Would Your Dog Rather Book for Kids and Dog Lovers: A Family Friendly Gamebook of Fun and Silly Questions that is perfect for Kids 6-12 and Pet Fans of Any Age

Would Your Dog Rather Kids and Dog Lovers, is an enjoyable book for kids 6-12 and dog fans of all ages. Entertain your kids during a long trip or enjoy hours of family fun as you spend hours determining the answer to vital questions as

  • Would your dog rather chew on a bone or slippers?
  • Would your dog rather adopt a cat or a bird?
  • Would your dog rather pay the bills or pay for groceries?
  • Would your dog rather smell like a skunk or take a bath?
  • Would your dog rather eat steak or ice cream?

Bring home the laughter, pick up your copy today!

Available now on Amazon.

Sample Pages:

Bring home the fun, get your copy now!

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Ocean Themed Adventure Books for Kids: Word Searches, Mazes, Connect the Dots, Tic Tac Toe, and More

Paperback $8.99

Looking for a way to keep your children entertained that will also stimulate their brain? Then this fun-packed collection of ocean themed games is for you. This activity book is loaded with a wonderful assortment of mind stimulating oceans inspired word searches, mazes, word scrambles, Sudoku puzzles, find the difference, and more.

Flex your children’s mental muscles with:

  • 5 ocean-themed word scrambles
  • 15 ocean-themed word searches
  • 5 dot to dot puzzles
  • 12 6 by 6 sudoku puzzles
  • 10 9 by 9 sudoku logic puzzles
  • and more ocean themed fun

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A Puppy Poem

An Adorable Poem for Dog Lovers and Kids

A Puppy Poem is a sweet poem of love, trust, and faith, told through the eyes of the ever-adventurous and adorable little pup known as Happy Go Lucky. This heartwarming poem is perfect for young children and dog lovers of every age.

This book is available in a paperback and Kindle edition.

Check it out on Amazon

Sample Pages

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Let’s Go a Happy Pup Poem and Simple Mazes: Easy Mazes for Kids and a Doggy Inspired Poem

Let’s Go is a poem about Happy Go Lucky who is an adorable little dog who, recognizing that is a beautiful day to get outside and enjoy a day of adventure. But there is just one problem, he needs you to lay aside your work, to turn off the TV, and pick up his leash and get going, so that you may enjoy a day of sunlight and adventure.

A bonus collection of simple mazes has been include to help start your day of fun and adventure.

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Sample Pages:

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