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My New Etsy Shop

If you are looking for some fun brain games, but do not want to wait for a book to arrive. Check out my new Etsy shop where you can choose from a growing collection of digital download activity packs like these

and avoid the wait. And you can also find some cool digital sticker packs like these.

check out my new etsy shop.

And if you are reading this post before July 3, 2022, if you buy any 3 items you can get 30 percent off.

Currently I have several different digital download activity packs that are perfect for creating travel packs or curling up with to relax after a hard day of work. I also have two Bible verse as well as fall, winter, and summer digital sticker pack. I am working on creating a few digital download cards to expand my digital line up, and I hope to create more products in the near future.

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300 Large Print Sudoku Puzzles

$13.99 Paperback/ $6.99 Digital Download
300 Large Print Sudoku Puzzles         

Want to challenge your brain with a math-themed workout? Or do you enjoy a relaxing evening curled up with a mind-stimulating puzzle?

Then this book is for you. With
  • 100 easy
  • 100 medium
  • and 100 hard large print Sudoku Puzzles

You will enjoy hours of mind-sharpening fun!

Available on Amazon

or want to download now and print your own pages 300 Large Print Sudoku Puzzles (

Sample Pages

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