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Beware of the Wrath of Medeia

Who do you admire?

 Have you ever read or listened to the biography of a famous person and thought, wow, how much better my life would be if only I could have lived an amazing life like that? Have you ever wished that you could switch places and live the fascinating life of some renowned person? If so, then this is the story for you.

 Beware of the Wrath of Media is the sad tale of a young woman whose admiration for the Medea of old has crossed the line and become a strong preoccupation with becoming a carbon copy of the famous figure. And thanks to some unexpected circumstances, her life undergoes some serious twist that allow her to live her dream of becoming a modern-day Medea.

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Short Excerpt From Book

            Hi, my name is Medeia Robertson.  Of course, you have probably heard about me on the news or read about me in the newspaper.  Funny, a man can still be considered a poor unfortunate victim after walking out with all of his wife’s hard-earned money to give it to some surgically enhanced Barbie doll, kidnap her children, and steal her good name and that barely raises an eyebrow.  Let the bruised woman get even with the thieving, cheating scoundrel and suddenly her name is bound with all that is evil.  Now where is the justice in that I ask you?  Of course, how would you know?  You are but a stranger doomed to suffer behind these same four torturous walls as I.

          I know that as hated as I am on the outside, it is even worse for me here, locked up among those they dare to call my peers. My peers, how can you be my peer? Have you determinedly climbed the perilous height of mount Everest and looked down upon the fearful world as a conqueror?  Have you been cruelly betrayed on every front by the one you have protected and sacrificed for at every turn?  I do not think so!  Yet my persecutors have taken such delight in comparing me to the rest of this dreamless lot that only sought to serve self.

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