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Word Games, Mazes, and More Printable Mind Games Activity Pack, Sudoku Logic Puzzles, Word Mazes, Missing Vowels, Decoder Ring

Chase away boredom and give your brain a fun workout with this mind stimulating collection of exciting word games like word mazes, missing vowel, and see how many words you can find games. Challenge your brain as you try to decode the word or create a short story about the picture. Build your logic skills as you solve the 15 alphabet Sudoku X and 3 alphabet Sudoku Samurai logic puzzles. Then take a few moments to relax and destress as you complete the maze. Turn your down time into exciting brain fun with this enjoyable collection of word games, mazes, and Sudoku logic puzzles.

This exciting collection of puzzles is perfect for
• relaxing by the fire place
• curling up on the sofa on a cold or rainy afternoon
• as a travel pack to transform the tedious hours of a long flight or car ride
• a family game night challenge
• as a homeschool or classroom activity
• keeping kids’ minds active during the long summer break
• and more!

Games Included:

• 15 alphabet Sudoku X
• 3 alphabet Samurai Sudoku puzzles
• 4 Create a story from the picture
• Decoder Ring
• Missing Vowel
• Square Mazes
• 3d mazes
• Word mazes
• How many words can you find?

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