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Autumn Coloring Pages, Mazes, How Many Words Can You Find, Sudoku Logic Puzzles, and Dot-to-dot Digital Download Mind Games Activity Pack

Chase away the boredom of a long holiday ride and prepare for some fall fun as you de-stress and give your brain a fun workout with this mind stimulating collection of exciting puzzles, fall-themed mazes, and fall inspired coloring pages. Enjoy hours of brain challenging fun as you try to find the words, build your logic skills as you solve the 10 alphabet Sudoku Samurai logic puzzles, and 30 How Many Words Can You Find puzzles. Get into the mood for sweater weather as you explore your creative side with 11 Fall inspired coloring pages. Then take a few moments to relax and de-stress as you complete 3 turkey dot-to-dot puzzles, the pumpkin, sweater, and other fall mazes.

This exciting collection of puzzles and coloring pages is perfect for
• relaxing by the fire place
• curling up on the sofa on a cold or rainy afternoon
• as a travel pack to transform the tedious hours of a long flight or car ride
• a family game night challenge
• as a home school or classroom activity
• keeping kids’ minds active during the long summer break
• and more!

Games Included:

• 8 Fun Fall-Themed Mazes
• 11 Relaxing Fall Inspired Coloring Pages
• 10 Challenging Alphabet Samurai Logic Puzzles
• 3 Turkey Dot-to-Dot
• 30 How Many Words Can You Find

Click here to check out this fun fall mini pack.

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